That Other F Word

The folks at the other end of my street have been forked.   I don’t know what prompted this message, but there it was — a statement by at least a hundred white plastic forks standing at various angles prongs-down in the front yard.  The old familiar expletive, disguised as flatware! 

Picture the perpetrators, skulking around in the vic’s front yard under cover of darkness, furtively yet carefully placing the utensils.   Perhaps a prank.  Perhaps retaliation.  Either way, I have to wonder:  where were all the barking dogs while this was going on?!

Probably an act of revenge, I thought.  (Maybe that’s just indicative of how my own mind runs!)  How interesting that I had just been thinking of another “f-word” — forgiveness.  Joseph (of colorful coat fame) and his brothers had come to mind as I headed out for my walk this morning.  How they had thrown him into that pit and then sold him into slavery — bigtime betrayal.  And yet, when they finally came face to face, he forgave them, in fact, had already forgiven them, saying, “You meant it for evil, but God meant it for good.”  Wow!  That always blows me away! 

How liberating it would be to completely forgive those who have “thrown you in the pit!”  How visionary to see that something good can come from being betrayed, sold out, cut off or forgotten.  How mature to remember that “God meant it for good.”

I have no idea what the motive for the “forking” was.  If it was “payback” for a real or perceived injury or insult, I guess the “forkers” got their reward in knowing that someone “got theirs.”  They are probably feeling pretty smug this morning.  However, they’d better watch their backs.  There’s plenty of plastic flatware to go around.  

As for me, I’m hoping that the vision of the forks will remind me of the other “f-word,” the one that seems to be so elusive, the one that so often trails behind all the others.  Forgiveness.  Maybe one day . . .

Maybe one day forgiveness will be my first inclination, so that when I look out the window and see that the sneaky little forkers have been busy under cover of darkness, my first thought will be, “Thanks for aerating my lawn!”


About Jan Hamlett

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2 Responses to That Other F Word

  1. Jan Golden says:

    Your best work yet, by far! Loved it! Interesting that you would write about Joseph, his brothers, and forgiveness. Ricky W. devoted yesterday’s sermon to this same topic. Coincidence?

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