No Whyning Zone

About a month ago I had an appointment and was driving there quite early in the morning .  Since I had God as a captive audience in my car, I decided to use this opportunity to question Him.  The “conversation” in its entirety is not reprinted here, but this is the gist:

Why did this have to happen?”  I demanded.

Why are you not answering our prayers the way we want?”  I shouted.

Why are you allowing this situation to go on so long?”  I implored.  (I’m sure I would have stamped my foot, stuck out my chin, and folded my arms if I had not been so busy trying to keep the car in my own lane.)

As I approached the intersection, the light was red.  I braked, came to a stop, and glanced to my right. 

“Life’s a challenge.  Meet it.”  These were the words on the sign in front of the building beside me.  I was struck by the impact the words had on my consciousness.  In other words, “Suck it up.  No pain, no gain.  Stop your whining.  Man up, woman!”

I had to smile.  I had entered the “No Why-ning Zone” and these words were like a Good Friend jerking me back into reality and saying, “Get a grip.”   

Thanks!  I needed that!


About Jan Hamlett

Exploring faith outside the safety of Sunday
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One Response to No Whyning Zone

  1. Jan Golden says:

    Love it! I’m making a sign today for my desk at work….”No Whyning Zone”….and also one to display at home.

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