Today I am basking in the warmth generated by the memory of feeling loved.

There are all kinds of love, of course.  I’m talking about the kind that enfolds, surrounds, encompasses, and penetrates deep into the core of the spirit.  The kind that overwhelms with its nature.  The sort that gives so much of itself that it brings a sense of gratitude so intense that the knees buckle in humility.

When I have the opportunity to experience this form of love, I feel as if I have been elevated to a higher plane of existence in its presence.  The only problem that arises in its wake is the inability to express fully in words the extent of it.  My heart overflows with something too deep for mere language to convey.

There are occasions when I am brought to tears, knowing that what I am seeing is the result of genuine love; it is overwhelming in its power to heal, restore and energize.  I am beyond grateful for the blessing that it brings.

And then I remember:  the sort of love that draws us so intensely that we never want to leave its presence is the sort of love that God IS.   Sometimes, here on earth, for a day or a weekend, we can taste just a “smidge” of that desire we will have in Heaven to praise and glorify Him forever.  It won’t be a duty or social obligation or good manners.  

It will be a heart running over with gratitude.


About Jan Hamlett

Exploring faith outside the safety of Sunday
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