A Purse! A Purse! My Queendom for a Purse!

What IS there about a purse? 

Sometimes I wonder:  if I were down to my last ten dollars, would I spend it on a purse?!  Hopefully I would have better judgment, but there was an “incident” last week that gave me pause. 

My intention was to head straight back to the printer ink, pay for it in that section, and head straight out the door, never looking right or left.  However, somehow working itself into my line of vision was an interesting-looking purse dangling ever so enticingly on the front of the rack I was (really!) trying to avoid. 

What made it so “interesting” was its color — it was champagne!  One of the colors chosen by my lovely daughter for her wedding.  There are showers and parties to attend and . . . well, I’m sure you know the train of thought.   And it was so very cute, with its ruffles and soft draping quality.  I had been lured by the siren’s song, and now I could not resist checking the price tag.  Ten Dollars!  All that trendy style for a mere ten-spot?!  I was just about to “try it on” when I heard “that voice” inside my head:  “Do you really NEED this purse?”

“We-e-e-l-l-l . . . let me see . . . . ”

“You KNOW you don’t NEED it!” my responsible self chided.  “What IS it with you and purses anyway?”

What is it indeed?  Many things actually.  For instance, when you can’t find clothes that fit and all the shoes hurt your feet, you can always find a purse that “fits”.  A great purse can refresh an old outfit.  You can wear the same pair of black pants every Sunday . . . different purse . . . different look!  You can “wear” a purse in a color that is not yours on the “Color Me Beautiful” chart.  For example, I could never successfully wear a champagne dress or sweater, but a bag . . . well, that’s a purse of a different color! 

Responsible Me won out, thankfully, and I turned my back on the ruffle-y champagne cutie that continued to call my name until I was in the check-out line.  Waiting there, I thought some more about us girls and our purses.  The love affair begins at a very early age.  I smiled as I remembered a story related to us a long time ago by a friend.  I think you’ll agree this sort of says it all about a girl and her purse:

The family was on a little road trip, and six-year-old Jennifer became car-sick.  Her father pulled over on the shoulder so that she could get out and relieve herself of her misery.  He hurried around and opened the back door for her, and she got out and hurried over to the grass.  But just as she was about to lean over, suddenly she stood up straight and turned back to the car, saying urgently, “Wait!  I forgot my purse!”

Having retrieved her little purse, she leaned over and finished what she had to do, all the while extending her arm straight out beside her with the purse gripped tightly in her fingers, as far as possible from her mouth, so as not to mess it up.  Now that’s what I’m talking about!

Her amused father had a wife and two other daughters.  I’m sure he, as a lot of men might, sometimes became puzzled over the relationship between women and their purses.  However, I feel sure that he, as most men do, enjoyed the convenience offered by the bag carried by his wife.  When God made woman a “helpmeet” for man, did he know she would help him meet his need for a place to stow all the extra stuff that won’t fit into a pocket?  Stuff like keys, change, maps, brochures, directions (mostly unused), sunglasses, reading glasses, cameras, ETC.?  (I wonder if even Eve had a purse of natural fibers to match those fig leaves.) 

I guess I could have stepped out of the check-out line and gone back for the purse, having convinced myself that not only did I need it but my husband would benefit as well!  But this time I overcame the urge.  “Lead me not into the purse section.  Deliver me from the smell of leather.”  I would have to make do with only the couple of dozen bags to whose charms I had already succumbed.

The Good Book says that he who gets a wife gets a good thing.  Why?  She will always have her purse.


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6 Responses to A Purse! A Purse! My Queendom for a Purse!

  1. Katrina says:

    I knew Dan was going to marry Amy when (on her first visit to meet us), he asked her for something he had stored in her purse!

  2. Thanks so much for making me smile today. As one purse addict to another, I applaud your self control. But, I have to say … I probably would have bought the champagne bag … can you go back to see if it is still there?

    • Jan Hamlett says:

      Most likely . . . today I saw a pair of shoes that would go perfectly with it . . . all that’s lacking is the outfit! 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the virtual “retail therapy”!

  3. Kathy Horan says:

    You couldn’t possibly go wrong with a ten dollar purse. Thanks for the chuckle.

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