One Too Many Shrooms

The sky-gazer who saw silver linings in ALL the clouds — I wonder if that chick had had one too many shrooms in her tea.

It had to be a chick because roosters generally don’t take that much time to ponder clouds.  They spend too much time perfecting their strutting and their crowing (no offense intended — much is necessary for economic survival) to take any interest in the fluffy stuff overhead.

At any rate, I have to question the “every” in “Every cloud has a silver lining.”  Always avoid “always” and never say “never.”  Saying “every cloud has a silver lining” is way too broad a statement.  For instance, what would be the silver lining in the cloud of a job loss or the loss of a home or the loss of mobility or the loss of a child, or even . . . allowing spaghetti to boil dry while writing a blog post?  Where IS the silver in those shifting shadows of vapor?

I guess we all look to various shrooms to help us see the silver . . . like Optimism and Positive Thinking and sometimes Denial of the Facts.  But what happens when we run out of shrooms?  What happens on those days when our rose-colored glasses are broken?  What do we do when all we see is gray in the clouds that gather so ominously?

I guess we have to search for the seed that has been buried beneath all the cow patties that prompted us to turn to shrooms in the first place.  The seed that was placed there long ago by The Master Gardener.  Sometimes we forget that that forgotten seed of Faith grows into a flower that does not fade.  But we have to remember it, water it, tend it and cultivate it.  When its first tender shoot pokes through the dirt, we see that this is the plant that always turns its head in the right direction.

While Optimism looks for silver linings, Faith looks directly at the Son.


About Jan Hamlett

Exploring faith outside the safety of Sunday
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2 Responses to One Too Many Shrooms

  1. Judy Wiley says:

    AWESOME ! I never knew you had so much wisdom!

  2. Jan Hamlett says:

    The Master Gardener has been giving me some very challenging horticulture lessons.

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