Water Under the Bridge

Sometimes water that we think has long since passed under the bridge backs up.  When this happens, “it ain’t pretty.”

When it returns, it is carrying not only the debris that was present when it originally flowed under but also stuff it has picked up down the way . . . such as items that have  been tabled or shelved or closeted or swept under the rug.  Those things always surface when the water comes back. 

The backwash can sometimes be caused by those dam beavers downstream.  They are constantly causing trouble by piling up sticks and stones and slinging mud on top of them.  Most of the time, the water can seep through, but when storm clouds gather and hard rain pours down, the Nitty Gritty River begins to flood. 

As the dirty water swirls around the bridge pilings, it mixes with the current stream and begins to rise to a dangerous level.  If it covers the bridge, the residents on either side must wait until it subsides before attempting to cross.  They must wait and see whether the bridge is still standing or whether it has collapsed.

Sometimes, in fact, the flood can be so overwhelming that the integrity of the bridge has been compromised and it has become too dangerous.  It is at this point that the residents on both sides must decide whether it is in their best interest to simply take another route or whether it is worth the effort to dynamite the old bridge and then construct a new, stronger one.  If they decide to rebuild, both sides must agree because each must build half, meeting in the middle.

And they have to eliminate those dam beavers.


About Jan Hamlett

Exploring faith outside the safety of Sunday
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