The Joy Factory

“Good evening.   I’m Lance Wright, bringing you the top news of the day.  If you don’t hear it here, it hasn’t happened!  Tonight we lead off with the shocking series of events unfolding in the North.  It seems that the Joy Factory has shut down.  Employees arrived at work this morning only to find a sign on the front door.  The owners were not available for comment, but here to help us grasp this disturbing news is consumer advocate Angel Gabriel.  Angel, what on earth has happened?”

“Well, as you know, the Joy Factory has always hired the best and brightest the world has to offer, their goal being, of course, to manufacture Joy.  They employed the most creative, talented, skilled people they could find.  Sadly, even so, they have proven to be unsuccessful.”

“Can you shed some light on this unbelievable turn of events?”

“Well, yes, in fact their products were faulty and fraudulent claims were made.  Naturally this combination resulted in nothing but dissatisfied customers.  This deception of the public has gone on far too long.  Someone had to speak up.  Actually, a class action lawsuit is in the works.”

“What are a few of the complaints against the company?”

“Some of the plaintiffs claim that the shine on their new baubles faded almost immediately when they got them home.  Others say that the expensive toys fell apart the next day.  And still others report that trends did not last and they were left with outdated (and thus unusable) colors and sizes.  All in all, the Joy Factory has made fraudulent claims and betrayed their customers, who are now left empty-hearted.  A very serious charge.”

“What is the bottom line on this grave situation, Angel?”

“Turns out . . . you can’t manufacture Joy.  You can only make cheap imitations that fall apart easily and never last very long.  No one can create or market something as personal, precious and priceless as Joy.  It’s a gift.”

“A gift . . . from whom?”


“Oh . . . I heard of Him . . . in a song once.  And someone mentioned that name just the other day.  Hey, I bet that’s why they call it CHRISTMAS!”


About Jan Hamlett

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4 Responses to The Joy Factory

  1. jan golden says:

    WOW! What a sobering thought!

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  3. Jan Hamlett says:

    Reblogged this on Churchyard Chick Goes Free Range and commented:

    Reminder to Self. But you are welcome to read along, as always, if you are so inclined. As she continues her zig-zag journey through December, Churchyard Chick says, “Merry Monday to all and to all a good day!”

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