Beautiful Feet

“How beautiful on the mountain are the feet of those who bring good news!” 

Like . . .

. . . the pristine white shoes of the nurse who says, “Surgery went well.  She’s doing great!”

. . . the cute strappy sandals of the friend who says, “Surprise!  We all wanted to help you celebrate your birthday!”

. . . the black wing-tips of the IRS man who says, “You will not have to pay this much.  Just come back with all your information and I can help you.”

. . . the stylish high heels of the daughter who says, “I got a raise!”

. . . the well-worn tennies of the son who says, “I love my job!”

. . . the comfy clogs of the clerk who says, “Wow — you got a good buy; it’s ringing up another fifty percent off!”

. . . the oil-stained boots of the mechanic who says, “All it needed was a new belt.”

. . . the sturdy work shoes of the neighbor who says, “Sure, I can fix that.”

. . . the  soft beige SAS of the doctor who says, “It does not look suspicious to me.  It will do no harm to wait and see.”

. . . the worn brown leather shoes of the husband who says, “I saved the last piece for you because I know how much you like it.”

. . . the perfectly polished shoes of the President who says, “She opened her eyes!”

. . . the noiseless invisible soles of the Holy One who says, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

Amidst all the bad/sad/ugly/depressing/disheartening/shocking/sickening news reports, there ARE some reports that are encouraging/hopeful/uplifting/inspiring/just plain good. 

“Think on these things.”

Let’s celebrate good news with all our might and thank God for the beautiful feet that bring it.

Now, where did I put my dancing shoes?


About Jan Hamlett

Exploring faith outside the safety of Sunday
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2 Responses to Beautiful Feet

  1. Monica Sterne says:

    I love your posting today and I love you! Can’t wait to see your well-worn, comfy Birks, again. 🙂

    Monica 🙂

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