The Master Gardener

Gardener Gardening

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Any successful gardener loves his garden.  He can tell you the name and origin of every plant, how he acquired it, where it grows best, the type of soil it needs, and how much water to give it.

He knows when to transplant and when to prune.  He knows that sometimes a beautiful bloom has to be pinched off the top so that even more blooms can be produced.  It hurts him when he has to pinch off that bloom, but he knows how much more beautiful that begonia can be.  He knows that removing that one bloom can result in three or four more in its place.  So he takes a deep breath, reaches for the prettiness, and thinks about the begonia’s potential.

He knows when to plant and when to dig up.  He knows exactly how much fertilizer is enough.  He doesn’t overdo; he knows the amount each plant needs in order for it to grow strong.

He knows how to arrange his treasures in groups so that each retains its own identity, yet together they create a pleasing landscape.  He eliminates pests that endanger the health of his garden.  He watches his tender little shoots daily for signs of growth.  He rejoices when he sees a new bloom!

The master gardener enjoys showing his garden to visitors.  He tends it daily with tenderness and pride.  He sweats, but he doesn’t mind because he knows the end result will be worth it all.  He knows that his garden will stand as a testimony and witness to the love that he has shown it.

At the end of the day, he smiles and says, “That’s good!”


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