Obama Trumps Trump

A bit sheepishly I confess that I was watching Ne Ne’s rant in The Donald’s boardroom when the news of an impending statement from the President scrolled across the bottom of the screen.

“Perfect timing, Mr. President,” I thought.  “Just in time to preempt the firing.  Way to upstage Trump.”

Then, incredulous that the network newsfolk stole Mr. Obama’s thunder, I forgot all about Ne Ne and Star as I heard the thrilling news that Osama was dead.  Regardless of who gets to announce it or who gets the credit for it, hats off to the guys who actually took him down!  They are the real heroes. 

Only this morning did it even cross my mind, “Who got the boot?”  Turns out, it was Hope.

How ironic.  During the moments that Hope was getting fired, our hopes were getting fired up!

The real winner:   TEAM USA!


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5 Responses to Obama Trumps Trump

  1. whosleilani says:

    Haha…still, they had plenty of time to show the rest of the show!

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  3. Patti says:

    Thanks dear Friend. Those Navy Seals are AWESOME and BRAVE!! As for the credit…goes to the National Security Team and the planners…..I do have to say..hats off to Obama for a good speech and having the guts to sign the order to shoot to kill. HOOAH!

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