Living with Uncertainty

“Embrace Uncertainty,” the life coach said.

Embrace him?”  I questioned.  “Perhaps I could learn to live with him, but I cannot see myself embracing him.  He is so very unattractive.  I would rather have Certainty.”

“Why are you so enamored of him?” 

I hate those “why” questions.  I always have to come up with a reason for feeling the way I d0, and it really gets tiresome, not to mention annoying.   I am beginning to have second thoughts about my decision to sign up for this workshop.  This guy is getting too intrusive, and he puts forth impossible suggestions.  Embrace Uncertainty indeed!  I don’t think so.

He is in my face demanding an answer.  He hardly gives anyone time to formulate a satisfactory one.  Here I go:  “Well, Certainty is rock-solid . . . a sure thing . . . a plan for the future.  Certainty would be much easier to live with than Uncertainty.  Uncertainty is unreliable and he keeps me on edge, wondering what the heck is coming tomorrow.  I don’t like his lifestyle.”

“I don’t think you have thought things through,” Coach Know-It-All said.

“What on earth do you mean by that?”  I demanded.  How insulting he can be sometimes!

“In order to explain, I’m going to ask you to engage in a little fantasizing,” he said with a little smirk on his face.  “You do know what I mean, don’t you?”

“I hardly think that’s necessary or appropriate.  I think I may report you.”

“Okay, what about visualization?”  he amended.

“I can agree to that,”  I conceded.

“I heard that Gone with the Wind is your favorite novel and movie, so we will use that as our happy place today.  I would like to help you change the way you think about things, so just close your eyes and picture Certainty as Ashley Wilkes and Uncertainty as Rhett Butler,”  he suggested.  

I have to admit that did put a different spin on things.   Coach continued . . .

“Ashley (Certainty) is that rock-solid sure thing you are so in love with.  He will be the same day in and day out.  He is predictable and reliable and dependable and . . . routine.  Some might label him boring.”

That did take a certain luster off Mr. Certainty, especially when Mr. Uncertainty now had the face of Rhett. 

“Rhett Butler (Uncertainty) is bold, adventurous and full of surprises.  He knows no fear.  He wants to take you along on his exciting journey.  But you have to let go of your fantasies about living with Certainty if you ever want to enjoy life.”

In that context Uncertainty was becoming a bit more attractive.  I turned to face him and was beginning to think I could live with him when I heard Certainty speaking in a very thin, faint voice.  He was saying something about finally learning the truth about him.  Very mysterious.  I felt sure Coach would explain.

“Have you made your choice?”  he inquired.

“Yes, I am more inclined to embrace Uncertainty than I have been.  But why is Certainty fading away?  Why is his voice so weird?”

“Because, my dear, Certainty is an illusion.  He is only a figment of your imagination.  He loves to delude people into believing they can count on him.   Your pursuit of Certainty is futile.  Until you give it up, you will remain anxious and frustrated.  When you decide to embrace Uncertainty rather than just tolerate him, you will be free.  As soon as you realize that you never had Certainty in the first place, you will find peace.”

This was a lot to ponder.  I was thinking about all the worry this might eliminate when I heard another question.

“Do you have a Bible?  Doesn’t it indicate that God’s children are not to worry about tomorrow because God Himself will provide for their needs?  Didn’t I read something implying that simply taking care of each day’s issues is sufficient?  I believe it even says to give thanks in all circumstances.  I think that Luke quotes Jesus as having stated that by worrying you cannot add even one hour to your life.  And I have to remind you that it’s Jesus, not me, who is asking, ‘Since you cannot do this very little thing, why worry about the rest?’  Now, I have to ask you whether or not you believe God’s Word.”

“I do believe it!”

“Truly believing it means living it.  And just think about this:  when you say “you never know what a day will bring forth,” there is a possibility that it could be something good.  Now, go ahead . . . give Uncertainty a hug and you’ll feel better.”

I hate it when he’s right.


About Jan Hamlett

Exploring faith outside the safety of Sunday
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8 Responses to Living with Uncertainty

  1. judy says:

    Awesome job as always. Most appropriate for the day~Gloria Grace Wiley was born today! 5lbs 8oz and only 17 inches.

  2. Jan — This was beautifully done! Thanks for sharing it!!

  3. Lisa says:

    I’m always enlightened when I read your entries. Ahhh… refreshing.

  4. Jan Hamlett says:

    Thanks, Lisa. I am grateful that God speaks to you through the posts. I guess He is “the pause that refreshes.” 🙂



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