Yesterday, 9-11, found me reflecting, as all Americans did, upon the tragic events of a decade ago.

Why?  It was the anniversary — the ten-year anniversary — of an event that shook our nation to the core.  The horror experienced by the victims is unfathomable.  The pain experienced by their loved ones is unspeakable.

And yet, inconceivably, life has a way of continuing, even in the midst of debris, dust and disbelief.  The next day dawns in the midst of a scene that looks like the world has ended.  Robotically, people continue their routines, even as their minds continue to focus on the surreal scenes before them.  Eventually, the site is cleaned, renewed, and dedicated as a memorial.

On 9-11, we remember.  We remember the horror, but we also remember other things.  We remember that the churches were filled the very next Sunday.  We remember that the nation was unified against the evil that perpetrated such an act.  We remember the extraordinary heroism of ordinary folks.  We remember how vital faith became in those days.

On 9-11, we say, “Never forget.”

What do we do on 9-12?


About Jan Hamlett

Exploring faith outside the safety of Sunday
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