One One One One One One

I am enjoying today’s date:  11-11-11.  Neat.

I am also enjoying some other things.  I am enjoying my home.  I am enjoying my job.  I am enjoying my blog.  I am enjoying my freedom.

I am grateful that I can write about my faith; and I am grateful that, although some may ridicule and others may disagree, I am free to talk about it.  When Sunday rolls around, I am free to go to a house of worship if I choose.  I can have as many Bibles as I want to have in my possession (and read them if I choose).  I hope I never forget the ones who made/have made/are making/will make this freedom possible.

I see all those number ones in today’s date, and they remind me of all the human ones who deserve our gratitude.

God bless you, Every Single One!

Happy Veterans Day!


About Jan Hamlett

Exploring faith outside the safety of Sunday
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