A Hundred Splintery Posts

On July 1, 2010, the first post was set in place.  Today, December 1, 2011, the one-hundredth one is making its appearance.  Is there a fence?  No.  Are they in a straight line?  Again, no.  Will they have fencing attached?  Never!  (Especially no chicken-wire!)  Who has dotted the landscape with these scattered and sometimes splintered posts?

One calling herself Churchyard Chick has left each post behind as sort of what might be loosely described as a “mile-marker” as she has zigged and zagged and crissed and crossed in her free-range wanderings during which she has explored faith in her everyday doings.  Yes, that sentence is indicative of how her mind works.

The irregularity and lack of design of the posts also portray C. C. fairly accurately.  Successful bloggers suggest that regularity and cohesiveness are the keys to gaining more traffic.  After making a vain attempt at structure and time management, C. C. decided that more traffic would not be her goal.  In fact, she was reminded that gaining a following was not ever the purpose of her blog from the start.  The One Who Inspires Her keeps her humble by reminding her often that it is not about her; nor is it about numbers.  It is about Him.

If someone were to take string and try to create string-art from the posts, he would find that the result would not be symmetrical.  Probably, it would not be something worthy of display; it would not form any recognizable pattern at all.  The colors would not be complementary, and the texture would be rough and lumpy.  Some themes would be repeated too often, whereas others would be woefully scarce.  Despite the obvious lack of artistry on the part of the post-hole-digger, the resulting “tapestry” would have a title:  Life. 

Thank you, Dear Reader, for coming along on this free-range adventure with Churchyard Chick; she is honored that you have stuck with her all the way to her one-hundredth post.  And she is grateful for your company.

“For we walk by faith, not by sight” (II Cor. 5:7).


About Jan Hamlett

Exploring faith outside the safety of Sunday
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4 Responses to A Hundred Splintery Posts

  1. Lisa says:

    Is that a picture of you? LOVE the hair!!!

    • Jan Hamlett says:

      Yes. Thanks! I guess I finally got it short enough that I hardly have to do anything to it. I appreciate the compliment, and I appreciate you as a reader of my random ramblings! Hope your December is off to a good start!

  2. Lisa says:

    It looks amazing. I cut my hair like that once and it didn’t look very good so I’m envious of anyone who can pull it off. 🙂 Now my hair is about 4 feet long. I like the falling snow too by the way.

  3. Jan Hamlett says:

    I had always wanted long hair, but it just never worked out for me. Now, however, my daughter has long blonde hair, so I just enjoy it vicariously, I guess! Glad you like the snow — nice touch, thanks to WordPress. Enjoy it now — it will be gone after Jan. 4, I think.

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