Those green and white words greeted me from a red banner projecting from the front porch of the house at the top of the hill.  “Huh?” I thought, startled and confused.  The colors were certainly Christmasy, but the message was a little off.  “On second thought . . . maybe not,” I was thinking while simultaneously realizing that I was seeing the reverse side of the banner.

The other side was indeed much more Christmasy with its




Of course!  The fun side!  The “front” side.  But the message of the banner had already settled in:  For every “ho, ho, ho” there is an “oh, oh, oh.”  Even at Christmas.  Perhaps, especially at Christmas.  Suffering doesn’t take a holiday.

Jesus knows that.  Most people approach “where we live” from a direction that allows them to see the front side of the banner, the “ho, ho, ho” side.  Jesus comes to us seeing our “oh, oh, oh” side.  And he does not arrive empty-handed.  He brings gifts.

He brings many special presents.  He brings Love, Forgiveness, Peace and Joy.  But the one I treasure most at this time of the year is Hope.

Thank you, Jesus, for caring about our flip side.


About Jan Hamlett

Exploring faith outside the safety of Sunday
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2 Responses to OH! OH! OH!

  1. You made me smile! Oh Oh Oh

  2. Jan Hamlett says:

    I’m so glad! Thanks for reading and responding. Merry Christmas! Oh, I almost forgot . . . ho, ho, ho! 🙂

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