Jesus on Saturday Night Live

Last night, drifting in and out of sleep, I thought I saw Jesus on SNL.  Startled, I opened my eyes a bit wider.  Sure enough, there he was (a cast member disguised as him anyway).  What was he doing there?  He seemed out of place, to say the least.

Turns out, he was visiting the locker room of the Denver Broncos.  “Tim Tebow” had summoned him.  Much of what was said (like football tips) was lost on me due to the sleepiness factor, mind you, but a couple of things did stick in my head.  To explain his presence, he told the team, “Hey, I go where I’m called on the most.”

While I was pondering the surprisingly deep significance of that line, I was also thinking, “This is an unexpected little turn of events . . . seeing Jesus on SNL . . . but then again . . . maybe not.  Isn’t that really just like Jesus . . . to turn up where he’s least expected?”

We call on him; we prepare for him; we wait for him.  We stand and sing, “Come, thou long-expected Jesus.”  Do we REALLY expect him to come?  And if so, do we expect him to come only to a church service or a sacred concert or to our prayer closet?  Do we expect him to show up only at times when we are on our best behavior?  When we have our home prepared for company?

As “Jesus” was “catching a cloud” to depart from the set, “Tebow” said, “I love you, Lord.”

“Jesus” said, “I love you, too.  Just take it down a notch, okay?”

He told the team he was always ready to help . . . “but not next Sunday.  I have a big birthday comin’ up.”

“Kudos to NBC for acknowledging that,” I thought.  As for “taking it down a notch,” I don’t think so.  If ever there were a time for Christians to do the opposite, it is now.  Joy to the world; the Lord is come!

Indeed, I guess I need to keep my eyes open.  You just never know where he might show up!


About Jan Hamlett

Exploring faith outside the safety of Sunday
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