I am hopelessly behind the times on a lot of lingo.  But this one I know:  “Laughing out loud.”

I always wonder something, though.  Is the person who uses that shorthand actually laughing out loud, or is he/she simply smiling soundlessly on the other side of whatever space is between?

It’s important to me to know.  If you are a friend, I can “hear” your “virtual” laughter, even though I am not physically within earshot.  Your laugh is unique.  Your laugh is distinctive.  Your laugh is you.

I am remembering a time a few years ago when I was at a loss as to what to do next.  In fact, I had come to the point where there was nothing else to do but wait on God.  For the first time in my life, I decided to compartmentalize.  I boxed up the worries, set them aside, and arranged to meet my mother, aunt, sister and my mother’s first cousin in Canton, Mississippi for my mother’s birthday.

My sister laughed at me for bringing my bath salts and my candle with me.  I was determined to snag some serenity for myself somehow, some way.  After dinner the first night, I sank into a hot bath while the rest of the women were in the other room watching some sitcom on TV.  As I reclined in the perfect-size-for-me tub, I heard them laughing.  I smiled as each lady’s individual laugh registered on my brain.  They were all so different.  What a lovely symphony that was to my world-weary ears!  What a comfort!

That was seven years ago, but I can still “hear” it — the wonderful music that soothed my soul that night.  I remember how I could identify each by her laugh.  One of them is gone now.  My mother’s cousin passed away later that year.  But her laughter lives on.

I used to drop in on my grandmother (usually around lunchtime) on occasion.  I would knock on the kitchen door, and then I would hear her.  She would start laughing even as she walked through the house to open the door.  Delighted to see me, she would continue laughing as she led me into the den to visit.  Then, as she told her stories that began with “when I was a girl,” I could see that her spirit was not old.  She was still that “girl” inside.  I can “hear” her laughter even now.  What a legacy — that laugh — for me to treasure.

Recently, three wonderful friends came to visit for the weekend.  A lady at church asked me what we did.  I said, “We laughed.”  She understood.

So . . . laugh . . . laugh out loud.  Someone will remember . . . even after you’re gone.

Much has been said about what Heaven is like.  If we have new, different bodies, how will we recognize one another?  Will we just “know” spirit to spirit?  Will we actually see faces?  Will be hear each other speak?

What if . . . just what if . . . we recognize one another by our laughter?

LOL — Really!


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2 Responses to LOL

  1. Carol Passmore says:

    Jan, I love this. You are so right about hearing someone’s laugh. Even though my dad has been gone 13 years, I can still hear his laugh. My son is half way across the world, yet I can hear him laugh. Oh, what joy this brings to my heart! Thanks for reminding me to cherish such joys.

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