Status Update

In the interest of full disclosure, Churchyard Chick wishes to inform her readers that she is no longer technically “free range” in the literal, physical sense, as she has found a new coop to call “home.”  A new “church home” has been found as a result of her mate’s landing there as the part-time choir director.  However, she wishes to assure everyone that, due to her wanderings, she is still, and will continue to be, “free range” in spirit.

Her zigging and zagging have taught her much.  Having wandered into several other denominational coops other than the one in which she was brought up, she has reached the following conclusions:

Churches say, “Come follow us.”  Jesus says, “Come follow me.”

People make rules.  Jesus makes a way.

“The Church” is the bride who is faithful to her bridegroom, Christ, regardless of where she sits on Sunday morning.

After much searching, reading, and comparing various doctrinal statements, C.C. has decided that her own personal little brain is too narrow for the broad and too broad for the narrow.  And, for the life of her, she cannot see that any one denomination is absolutely congruent to the teachings of Christ.  In short, not one of them is free of emphasis on human opinion and preference and error.  Even “non-denominational” (as free as that sounds) has sort of become its own denomination, hasn’t it, really?

So . . . what’s a chick to do?

After years of analyzing, thinking (as much as her limited brain will allow), reasoning, studying, praying, and reading only the red words in the New Testament, she has finally reached a point where she can state her own personal theology.  As Easter approaches, the admittedly “mature” chick is realizing that her faith statement has finally come full circle from her days as a recently-hatched, downy-feathered little one:

“Jesus loves me; this I know, for the Bible tells me so.”

Thanks be to God!



About Jan Hamlett

Exploring faith outside the safety of Sunday
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