Lily’s Easter

Easter lily テッポウユリ

Easter lily テッポウユリ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Hi there, little Lily,” said the Man with the kind eyes and gentle voice.

“Hello, Sir,” said Lily.

“What would you like as an Easter gift?” he asked.

She had not expected anything for Easter, so she thought for a few moments, standing there in the sunshine.

“Well, I would like to be pure,” she said.

“Granted,” said the Man with the kind eyes and gentle voice.  “Your white blooms will be synonymous with purity the world over.  Anything else?”

“I would like to adorn churches on Easter Day in memory or in honor of those who are loved by the ones who worship there.  I think that would be a lovely gift, since you are so inclined to give me something,” she said, somewhat timidly.

“Granted,” He said.  “That is a worthy request — one that I am happy to fulfill.  Is there anything else you would like?”

“Oh yes, I want to adorn old rugged crosses on Easter Day, replacing ugliness with beauty.”


Lily hesitated.  He had not asked whether she wanted anything else.  But He was still standing there, waiting, so she decided to voice one more request.  “Please , Sir, I have one more thing — the most important of all.  It is my desire that when people see me, they will remember You, their Saviour.  I pray that they will worship You and remember that because of You they can freely enter into the presence of God.  It is my wish that they will put You before all else on this special day — before new clothes, before delicious brunches, and even before eggs and bunnies.  I want them to truly believe in the risen Christ.”

“We’ll see,” He said.


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4 Responses to Lily’s Easter

  1. cclody says:

    “We’ll see..” Sad but true. No? Tosteal an idea from C. S Lewis, it’s like the scent of the flower denying the very flower’s existence. Keep posting!
    His Peace,

  2. JAN says:

    Good reminder for us all this Easter weekend.

    BTW, I signed up again to “follow your peckings” so that I would not miss any future stories. Happy Easter, CC!

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