Multiple Hearts

“Come here!” the student shouted.

“What is it?” his friend asked, a bit impatiently, as he was working on his own project in the Spirit Studies Lab that day.

“Multiple hearts in this one!”

“I’ve never noticed that before.  Let me see.”

Sure enough, there they were — three of them, each filled with something that could only be described as “gooey.”

The students moved to another vaporous form and carefully made an incision into the inner recesses of that one.  What they saw astonished them — eight hearts!  All spilling over with the same squishy substance.

Excited and eager to see more, they rushed to the next vapor and used their spirit-dissecter once again.  This time, they found only one, but it too was overflowing with the gooey stuff.

As they continued, to their astonishment, they found a different number of hearts in each spirit.  One, two, three . . . nineteen!  Wow!  They didn’t know a spirit could contain so many hearts.  But they were not very advanced in their studies.

The Master had left them to discover a few things on their own.  They hurried to his office to ask him about this phenomenon.

“So . . . you finally discovered the secret, did you?”  He had been waiting for this “teachable moment” to arrive.

“Secret?”  they asked.  “We’re puzzled by the different number of hearts in each of the spirits that arrived today.  And we’re wondering who they are.  We’re ready to learn.”

“These spirits are those of mothers,” He began.  “You see, when her first child is born, a mother’s heart feels as if it will burst because of the feelings she has for her little one.  That is her only child, and her heart is filled to capacity with what you call (so unscientifically) “gooey stuff.”  The correct name is “Love.”

He continued, “What has always baffled spirit-scientists is how the capacity for Love seems to grow larger so that it isn’t divided between or among all her children.  Instead, it seems to multiply.”

“How can that be?” the students asked.

“Well, if you will do some further research, you will discover that the number of hearts in these mothers’ spirits corresponds to the number of children they have.  It appears that a mother grows a new heart for each child; she loves each one in a uniquely special way.  It is almost as if each child is an only child.  And she longs for them to love one another as she loves each of them.”

“Amazing!”  The students were wide-eyed with wonder.  “A mother has a heart for each child.  Awesome.  Who came up with that design?”

The Master just smiled.  He knew they would find the answer if they ever decided to read the textbook.

“Love one another as I have loved you” (John 15:12).


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