I was reminded of this post as I once again set these three little guys on the windowsill for another Christmas season. Merry Christmas, friends!

Churchyard Chick Goes Free Range

I confess that I play favorites when it comes to my snowman collection.  Out of all the ceramic, stuffed, knitted, crocheted, wooden or glass cuties that come out to play during the Christmas season, these three are the ones I love the most.

Three years ago, when I unpacked the Christmas boxes that had survived a summertime sorting for a move, I discovered that these guys had accidentally been left to languish in the hot attic along with their more resilient buddies.  Forgetting how overly sensitive to heat they were, I had allowed these wax candle snowguys to be carted off to the upper regions to endure oven-like temperatures!

“Oh no!”  It was horrific.  I could barely stand the thought of what they had been through: the squishing, the chipping, the cracking, not to mention the sheer torture of the melting, as their cute little double-marshmallow forms were being reshaped into…

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5 Responses to

  1. Jan Hamlett says:

    Enjoy the snow, compliments of WordPress!

  2. Judy says:

    How special this Christmas is for you! Grandchildren are so wonderful!

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