Monday’s Cross

On Easter Sunday, this was the cross I saw:

Cross Easter

The very next day, the cross looked like this:

Cross Monday

Wow!  What a downer, right?  The cross, stripped of its glorious Easter finery?  Just standing there . . . bare . . . taken out of the sanctuary and placed in temporary storage in the “media room.”

But wait . . .  look again . . . what is right there on the table behind it?  Brochures full of info on various ways the church reaches out.  See . . . if you look closely, you can see the edge of the map with several mission fields pinpointed.  And, just out of the picture, is where a large box usually sits as a collection spot for clothing and other goods for those in need in the community.  This room is filled with ways we can follow Jesus’ command to “love one another” and his directive to “feed my sheep.”

So, on second thought, without its flowery embellishments (which, indeed, lift our spirits and renew our souls), the bare cross is very much at home amidst the struggles and challenges and issues of the real world.  This is the everyday cross, the workaday cross, the cross Jesus asked us to “take up” as we follow him.

This is Monday’s cross.


About Jan Hamlett

Exploring faith outside the safety of Sunday
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