Dancing with the Stars.  I do enjoy that show!  I love the glamour, the judges, and the way the pro’s make the celebs look good.   It must have been a Monday or a Tuesday when I had my dream . . .

I was at an event where there was dancing.  A dark-haired, handsome young man approached and asked me to dance.  As he was leading me so effortlessly around the dance floor, I made a remark to which I expected no response.  He surprised me by looking directly at me and saying, “I would like to hear more about that.”

Stunned, I exclaimed, “Really?!  That would be great.”  I felt that he was genuinely interested in my thoughts.

He said yes and continued to lead me around the floor.  I felt light as a feather.  (I recall a time when I was a young teacher and the teachers were the cheerleaders at a pep rally.  The basketball coach, who was very tall and strong, lifted me up to sit on his shoulders as if I were a rag doll.  That’s how light I felt in my dream, in contrast to the heaviness of depression I had been experiencing the last few days.)  My “dream” dance partner and I moved as a unit, even though I was actually following every step under his firm, expert guidance and control.  He was making me look good.

When I woke up, I recalled the dream vividly, and it made me smile.  Later that day, “something” told me:  That was the Holy Spirit.  Well, that was startling, yet it made sense to me.  “So,” I thought, “maybe that’s what it means to be ‘led by the spirit’.”

Not following behind, trying to keep up or step in his footsteps, but “following” as in dancing, as a unit, in sync, having his attention and interest, being willingly guided and controlled, feeling light as a feather.  Gliding smoothly.  Yielding myself to his lead.

That was a few weeks ago, and since then, that image has come to mind on several occasions and encouraged me.  It has prompted me to think, “Let him lead.”  In a new and different way.  Not trudging along behind, but in his arms.  “Abiding.”  That makes me smile, lighten up, and relax a bit.

God uses “teachable moments”, doesn’t he?  He reaches us where we are and uses our interests to give us new insights.  Obviously, this analogy would not work for everyone.  But it works for me.

DWTS has taken on a new meaning:  Dancing with the Spirit!


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2 Responses to DWTS

  1. Jan says:

    Love this analogy….good message for all us who tend to worry!

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