Paula Deen Axed

Poor C.C.  I am beginning to think one of those C’s must stand for “clueless.”  You’ll understand when I tell you what happened.

I couldn’t wait to tell her the good news about Paula Deen’s firing from the Food Network.  She has never been a fan (i.e. “chicken fried chicken” and “chicken fried” . . . well, a lot of stuff . . . you get my drift).  Plus, she thinks her accent is “put-on.”  So, I just knew she would be thrilled to hear the news.

Sure enough, when I caught up with her this morning and told her about it, at first I saw a hint of a smile forming around that beak of hers.  Mostly, I could tell from her eyes that she was thinking, “Good enough for her!”

But then, she stopped in her tracks, turned around, and I could almost see those tiny wheels turning in that tiny head.  I have seen that look before, and it means trouble.  Questions!  I tried to go on around her, but it was too late.  I was caught!

First, of course, she wanted to know why Deen had gotten the axe.  No stranger to insulting terms herself (i.e. “chicken” in reference to ‘fraidy cats, “hen-pecked,” etc.), I was certain she would be satisfied with the answer.

The first thing she said was, “Oh, yes, that was wrong of her.  The N-word is very offensive.”

Thinking I was home free, I relaxed a bit.  But then, she stopped again (in the middle of the road she was trying to cross).  Something had dawned on her, so she started up again with questions.  One of her flaws is that she tries to make everything equate.  She told me this long tale about how, one night, she came across a crowd of people (I finally determined it was an audience) falling all over each other laughing at a guy (she described a black comedian) standing up in front using the N-word every other breath.  She kept trying to get me to explain how the same people can find the same exact word so funny AND so disrespectful.

I tried to explain context and situational right and wrong to her until I was blue in the face.  It was no use.  She just kept shaking her head in wonder that a word that has always made HER cringe, no matter who used it, could be a cause for hilarity to the very ones it denigrates in one setting and a cause for dismissal in another.  Her head is so thick.

She walked away muttering something about people getting the log out of their own eyes or something.  I don’t know what she was talking about.

Poor C. C.  She just doesn’t get it.


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