What If Road

I just received news that a friend is facing an illness, and I just felt like sharing this post again and asking that whoever reads it please send up a prayer for faith and strength for her in the days to come, along with a prayer for a positive outcome. Thank you and God bless you!

Churchyard Chick Goes Free Range

I took a wrong turn yesterday and ended up on What If Road.

In spite of the fact that I had made this exact same mistake before, I found myself lost again.  Unfortunately, I had forgotten my GPS, so I was on my own.  That’s never good.

My Driving Instructor has repeatedly encouraged me to travel only on the main road because He knows my sense of direction is so bad.  East and west, north and south — those are meaningless to me.  Sometimes I can discern direction by looking toward the Sun, but if it happens to be a cloudy day, I’m done for.

What makes it worse is that sometimes the highway signs have been turned sideways by pranksters or knocked completely over by vandals.  And sometimes the route numbers are so similar that it’s confusing.  My favorite is the one that claims to be north when it is…

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