Just an old “dropping” that struck me as somewhat timely . . .

Churchyard Chick Goes Free Range

You don’t know me.  My name is Ellie . . . Ellie Sapp . . . a friend of C. C.’s.  We met one day on the road; she zigged when she should have zagged and we literally bumped into each other.  We discovered we had a lot in common and have done a bit of traveling together.  She just calls me “E”.  You can too.  What’s that you say?  Where is C.C.?  I was getting to that.  She asked me to let you know that she is okay . . . lucky to be alive after her near-death experience . . . and “recooperating” (her spelling) at A Place of Quiet Rest Home for the Severely Traumatized.  I will try to relate to you as accurately as possible what she has been through.

Traveling alone one day last week, she came upon a large white building with lots of steps and columns…

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