This page is dedicated to things I’ve been chewing on during my zig-zag journey that I will now pass on to you for exactly what they’re worth (see title).

God provides food for the birds, but He doesn’t toss it into the nest.

Some rights are better left unexercised.

Two entities insisting on their rights can make a very big wrong.

Reverse evil to live.

You can’t keep manna in Tupperware.

Too much bending over backward finally makes you snap.


You can bend over backward so far that your head becomes hopelessly lodged in your derriere.

Being spineless makes it easier to bend over backwards.

As the twig is bent, it screams, “I hate you!  You don’t understand anything!  You are ruining my life!”

Bend the twig gently, lest you break it.

Living simply is not the same as simply living.

Too many preachers today put their mouth where the money is.

Better to seek God’s presence than His presents.

I try to avoid past tense because thinking about the past makes me tense.

Love can build a bridge, but it takes a whole crew to maintain it:  Trust, Compromise, Forgiveness, Tolerance, Compassion, Faith, Integrity and Hope.

These days it seems that many “men of the cloth” are cut from the same cloth — faux fiber of some kind.

A sham eventually becomes a shambles.

The higher the mountaintop, the deeper the valley.

My words almost always come home to me, but they are usually in a different vehicle.

Don’t think of it as dying; think of it as being reformatted.

Sometimes in the drama of Life we are called upon to play a non-speaking role.

All that glitters is not goaled.

“In this world you will have trouble.”  Now, go wash the dishes, do the laundry, and change the cat litter.

Sow wild oats; reap a bitter harvest.

Could it be that some who are admired for thinking outside the box just happened to be in the wrong place when the box was constructed?

And how long can “outside the box” be an expression before it becomes its own box?

And in the same vein, hasn’t “non-denominational” become its own denomination, really?

Suffering is relative.

Kids want to cut the apron strings but cling to the purse strings.

Celebrate the victory but keep your armor on.

My bare bones budget is on its last leg.

If you insist on holding someone else’s feet to the fire, you might as well prepare to get burned.

Could it be that being IN church is not as important as BEING the church?

Churches need to be more concerned with souls than rolls.

God’s Word is not a cafeteria plan.

When you decide to take a road trip via Faith Highway, you have to become comfortable with Uncertainty as your travel buddy; otherwise, you will be miserable.  The good news is that God is driving the van!

God cannot be measured with a human yardstick.

We can churn out cheer, purchase pleasure and home-bake happiness, but we cannot jump-start joy.

No matter how old you are, “old” will always be at least twenty years older than your current age.

You don’t have to worry so much about getting things done perfectly; if you make a mistake, someone will always be happy to point it out.

Healthy living increases your chances of dying healthy.

Sometimes all you can hope for is to attract a better class of weed.

Watering cement:  always a waste!

Money does not buy class.

Too much sunshine sometimes makes people sick.

The fast devour the half-fast.

If you must slap someone on the wrist, be sure to wear your velvet gloves.

Men who view women as sex objects should not be shocked when they object to sex.

Nothing lasts forever . . . especially people.

God always uses His “inside voice.”

When I feel stressed and my world is out of balance, I like to stroll the aisles at Walmart because . . . nothing says “normal” like a giant ceramic teacup planter!

Most of the time, The Way is either level and hot or steep and shady; rarely is it both level and shady.

In marriage, it is not as important to be one another’s soulmate as it is to be one another’s sole mate.

The grass is always greenest in the driveway cracks.

They’re not kidding about sunscreen.

The rainbow:  God’s kiss on the forehead to his children.

Children are not products.

Best advice I ever got (and heeded):  Always wear sunglasses.

Best advice I ever got (that went unheeded):  Floss.

If you’re gonna lay an egg anyway, you may as well lay it on the line.

Prayer is a relationship, not a formula.

Life is not math.

However, the first step in solving the mystery of fractious equations is to find the lowest common denominator.

Those who are wise hear with their eyes.

Most hear with their ears; some hear with their eyes; a precious few hear with their hearts.

Applying the polish is always the final step — never the first.

You can’t press flowers in a Kindle.

Home isn’t built in a day.  (But it can be destroyed overnight.)

If no one ever stirred the pot, we’d all be stuck to the bottom.

To paraphrase Rudyard Kipling:  “If you can keep your head when all about / Are losing theirs and blaming it on you . . . ”  then maybe YOU are the problem!

A pot with a lid on it is more likely to boil over.

Sometimes it’s good to travel at twelve and a half miles per hour with a butterfly as your guide.

Where did Jesus get his Easter clothes?

My kids were not raised by a mother who is perfect, but thanks be to God, they have a Father Who Is.

If the devil can’t defeat you with flaming arrows, he will try to needle you to death.

Put on your own oxygen mask first.

Try to view birthdays as milestones, not millstones.

Triple A for Baby Boomers:  Admit.  Accept.  Adjust.

The sunny side of the street is overrated.

If everyone’s pushing your buttons, maybe you have too many buttons.

Once our true colors are revealed, we sometimes find they need to be muted.

It is unwise for any rooster to criticize other roosters for producing baby chicks while he himself is frequenting the henhouse.

Agreeing with decisions and choices of family and friends is not a prerequisite to accepting them with grace.

The deep pockets of their patients give periodontists very deep pockets.

You cannot trust an elf to make a dream come true.

Love often finds a more direct route than Logic.

When you come face to face with a happy moment, run to it, wrap your arms around it and hug it tightly, letting its warm embrace enfold you.  You’re gonna need it one day.

Sometimes, in order to get a grip, you have to make a fist.

On this earth, the final frontier of forgiveness is a mother.  God help you if you push the envelope there.

Sometimes I put so much on the back burner that it spills over and messes up all my other burners.

When I let go of God’s hand and run ahead, I either get lost or get run over by a truck.

Each little birdie sitting on a branch of the family tree sees things from his or her own perch.

Once you turn onto Honesty Avenue, be prepared for oncoming traffic; it is a two-way street.

Maybe a “happy marriage” simply consists of two fundamentally happy people who find one another and decide to make a go of it.

Sometimes well-meaning words just end up sounding mean.

It is less important to live well today than it is to live today well.

Stilettos are really good for digging your heels in and standing your ground.  Sometimes a chick just has to plant them in the dirt beneath her feet, put her hands on her hips, and say, “Now wait a minute.  Wait just a cotton-pickin’ minute!”  {“Stand firm”}

If you bomb the home of a WASP, get ready to run because he WILL come after you!

Maybe Facebook would be more aptly named “Façade Book.”

Forgiveness is a gift wrapped in love with no strings attached.

We can finally stop trying to make people pay when we realize they never actually owed us anything in the first place.

This is the only anti-aging tip that really works:  Die young.

Be careful about following someone everywhere. You may end up on a dead-end road marked “No Outlet.”

Some people believe they have no baggage. They never realize that it is following them around on a cart, tripping up everyone else.

There’s no medication for ODD.


(I’m sure there will be more.  Check back again.  In the meantime, be careful where you step.)



6 Responses to Droppings

  1. Lisa says:

    I love these! I wish I had a roladex in my head that I could put these in.

    • Jan Hamlett says:

      Thanks, Lisa! I am happy you like the “droppings.” This page has had very few views and NO comments. You’re the first. I am honored that you consider them “roladex-worthy.”

  2. Lisa says:

    You said there will be more, so I keep checking. 🙂 You should consider publishing a book of thoughts and this and that.

    • Jan Hamlett says:

      Thanks for your encouragement. Actually I have a little light-hearted devotional book that I have put together myself, and I hope to put together another one in the months ahead. I’m glad you are enjoying the thoughts! Thanks for continuing to stop by!

  3. JAN says:

    Hey….I just uncovered your “droppings”….hadn’t explored them for a while. My favorite is still the one about Living Simply!


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