Published Peckings

Jan Hamlett, aka “Churchyard Chick,” has the following “clips” to her credit:

“A Mother Remembers” in Women Alive! magazine (originally titled “Putting Away Childish Things”)

“Mary Martha Has Tea With Jesus”  in Women Alive! magazine, subsequently reprinted in Finding Quiet in a Noisy World

“Pastoral Letter to the Family of Unity and Harmony” in The Wittenburg Door

“Through the Looking-Glasses” in Bewildering Stories (online)

“One Last Reminder” in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Thanks Dad

“Heart-Sight” (a poem) published in Grit

The latest endeavor is the “in-coop” production of A Month of Sundaes, a collection of thirty-one “ice-cream flavored” stories depicting God’s presence in everyday doings.  To find a publisher would be delightful, but the current “Kitchen Table Press” books have been blessed with a small following and have been a blessing to the chick who has pecked them out.

To God be the glory!


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