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A Hair-Razing Experience

Tangela had finished cutting my hair, and now, to my surprise, she was wielding a razor.  Her hand was poised above my head at a precise angle as I exclaimed, “You’re going to use a razor on my hair?!” Jerking … Continue reading

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The Frumpy One

What first caught my eye was the ponytail.  I saw it swinging to and fro behind the face of the fast-walking brunette headed toward me on the wrong side of the street.  As she approached, I could see that she … Continue reading

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Waxing Nostalgic

“OH MY GOD!”  I shouted as I peered at my face in the rear-view mirror.  “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO YOURSELF JUST THREE DAYS BEFORE THE WEDDING?!” That exclamation sounded like someone else’s words coming out of my mouth, as I consider using … Continue reading

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