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Monday Musings

Today is April Fools Day.  Perhaps that is why the following question keeps coming to mind:  Where did Jesus get his Easter clothes? Only a foolish person would focus on such a trivial detail in light of the miraculous, glorious, … Continue reading

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Status Update

In the interest of full disclosure, Churchyard Chick wishes to inform her readers that she is no longer technically “free range” in the literal, physical sense, as she has found a new coop to call “home.”  A new “church home” has been … Continue reading

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One One One One One One

I am enjoying today’s date:  11-11-11.  Neat. I am also enjoying some other things.  I am enjoying my home.  I am enjoying my job.  I am enjoying my blog.  I am enjoying my freedom. I am grateful that I can … Continue reading

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Not So Smart Early Birds

“She rises before dawn . . . ” has never been my favorite Bible verse.  Don’t get me wrong; there have been plenty of days in which I have done so in order to get to school, sign in, and … Continue reading

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Living with Uncertainty

“Embrace Uncertainty,” the life coach said. “Embrace him?”  I questioned.  “Perhaps I could learn to live with him, but I cannot see myself embracing him.  He is so very unattractive.  I would rather have Certainty.” “Why are you so enamored of … Continue reading

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