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Living with Uncertainty

“Embrace Uncertainty,” the life coach said. “Embrace him?”  I questioned.  “Perhaps I could learn to live with him, but I cannot see myself embracing him.  He is so very unattractive.  I would rather have Certainty.” “Why are you so enamored of … Continue reading

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C. C. (Churchyard Chick) has discovered an uncomfortable truth.  Sitting on the fence gives her splinters.  She hopped up there one morning hoping to make life a bit easier for herself.  Thinking she could stay above the fray, she flapped … Continue reading

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What If Road

I took a wrong turn yesterday and ended up on What If Road. In spite of the fact that I had made this exact same mistake before, I found myself lost again.  Unfortunately, I had forgotten my GPS, so I … Continue reading

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On the Corner of Bitter and Better

I would love to be able to tell you that I reside in the house at the top of the hill on the street called “Better.”  But I can’t.  Not yet.  However, I can tell you that my goal is … Continue reading

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