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Full Circle

     Three years ago today Churchyard Chick began her zig-zag journey, not knowing where it would take her.  Because she often leaves the coop without a map, she sometimes becomes hopelessly lost on side roads and pig paths.  However, she … Continue reading

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Status Update

In the interest of full disclosure, Churchyard Chick wishes to inform her readers that she is no longer technically “free range” in the literal, physical sense, as she has found a new coop to call “home.”  A new “church home” has been … Continue reading

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Hello World!

A grateful not-dead-yet chick wanders beyond the white picket fence into the pasture, where she explores Faith outside the safety of Sunday.  Follow if you wish, but be forewarned:  she meanders, pauses, zig-zags, and back-tracks, so patience is necessary.  She … Continue reading

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