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Coffee and Do Nots

Do not worry.  Do not fret.  Do not be anxious. Hey, I know all the flavors of do-nots.  I try to sample all of them every day with my morning coffee.  But sometimes I get distracted.  Sometimes I find myself … Continue reading

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0700 Hours (Give or Take a Few Minutes)

I knew it would be a hard-fought battle, but I was determined to be the victor.  As silently as possible, I crept downward into the open area where the fight would ensue.  My usual strategy was to remain hidden from … Continue reading

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Seek and You Will (Eventually) Find

“Where’s the oatmeal?” asked my husband.  I had heard the rumblings in the pantry.  He always likes to try to find whatever he is looking for without asking, so I had not inquired as to the object of this latest … Continue reading

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