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Coffee and Do Nots

Do not worry.  Do not fret.  Do not be anxious. Hey, I know all the flavors of do-nots.  I try to sample all of them every day with my morning coffee.  But sometimes I get distracted.  Sometimes I find myself … Continue reading

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Marks of a Lady

A friend passed away yesterday.  Her name was Jean.  She passed away exactly one year and one week from the date she first experienced symptoms.  When we moved to Little Rock a few years ago, Jean and Claudine had taken … Continue reading

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Living with Uncertainty

“Embrace Uncertainty,” the life coach said. “Embrace him?”  I questioned.  “Perhaps I could learn to live with him, but I cannot see myself embracing him.  He is so very unattractive.  I would rather have Certainty.” “Why are you so enamored of … Continue reading

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What If Road

I took a wrong turn yesterday and ended up on What If Road. In spite of the fact that I had made this exact same mistake before, I found myself lost again.  Unfortunately, I had forgotten my GPS, so I … Continue reading

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Land of Oz Lacks Leash Law

“Beware of Dog.”  Several fences in my neighborhood warn me of the fearsome canines that reside within their walls of wood or steel.  They don’t have to tell me twice. Each day as I take my morning walk, I am … Continue reading

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