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Churchyard Chick’s Narrow Escape from Pilgrim’s Pride

Early this morning, while gathering her thoughts, Churchyard Chick accidentally wandered onto the slaughtering floor of Pilgrim’s Pride. Her feathers had become ruffled, and she became confused and disoriented as she tried to walk the path she had chosen for … Continue reading

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Laying It on the Line

At last count, Churchyard Chick Goes Free Range had garnered 3,999 views.  Perhaps your click was number 4,000!  Thank you for choosing to spend a few moments of your time with me today. I have no clue how that number ranks … Continue reading

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The Good Shepherd

“Aunt Ellie, tell us a story about the ewe of long ago,” the little ones begged.  The following is what ensued: Once upon a time, a contented, somewhat plump ewe was separated from her flock with no warning.  Somehow the open gate … Continue reading

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Italian Sheep

  Are sheep stupid? I had always heard that they were.  I had a stereotype firmly implanted in my head in regard to sheep.  I guess that’s why the scene I witnessed several years ago on the outskirts of Pisa … Continue reading

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