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“LOL” I am hopelessly behind the times on a lot of lingo.  But this one I know:  “Laughing out loud.” I always wonder something, though.  Is the person who uses that shorthand actually laughing out loud, or is he/she simply smiling soundlessly on … Continue reading

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Trip Postponed Indefinitely

Hundreds were disappointed and dumbfounded Saturday when they arrived at the departure point for their much anticipated trip to Heaven and discovered that it had been postponed.  The tour director had not distributed tickets; he had simply tweeted the time of departure … Continue reading

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Friends of His

Dear Friends, Today’s post is inspired by the passing of a friend.  Her name is Jeanette L.  I learned yesterday that she had actually passed away on January 25th, apparently with no one to mourn.  Little is known about her … Continue reading

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Today I am basking in the warmth generated by the memory of feeling loved. There are all kinds of love, of course.  I’m talking about the kind that enfolds, surrounds, encompasses, and penetrates deep into the core of the spirit.  … Continue reading

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