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Lily’s Easter

“Hi there, little Lily,” said the Man with the kind eyes and gentle voice. “Hello, Sir,” said Lily. “What would you like as an Easter gift?” he asked. She had not expected anything for Easter, so she thought for a … Continue reading

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“OH” “OH” “OH” Those green and white words greeted me from a red banner projecting from the front porch of the house at the top of the hill.  “Huh?” I thought, startled and confused.  The colors were certainly Christmasy, but the message was a … Continue reading

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The Joy Factory

“Good evening.   I’m Lance Wright, bringing you the top news of the day.  If you don’t hear it here, it hasn’t happened!  Tonight we lead off with the shocking series of events unfolding in the North.  It seems that the Joy Factory has shut … Continue reading

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