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Dancing with the Stars.  I do enjoy that show!  I love the glamour, the judges, and the way the pro’s make the celebs look good.   It must have been a Monday or a Tuesday when I had my dream . … Continue reading

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Status Update

In the interest of full disclosure, Churchyard Chick wishes to inform her readers that she is no longer technically “free range” in the literal, physical sense, as she has found a new coop to call “home.”  A new “church home” has been … Continue reading

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Laying It on the Line

At last count, Churchyard Chick Goes Free Range had garnered 3,999 views.  Perhaps your click was number 4,000!  Thank you for choosing to spend a few moments of your time with me today. I have no clue how that number ranks … Continue reading

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Hide and Seek

“I’m in here, Aunt Jan.”  It was the voice of my little nephew coming from the closet. I already knew where he was hiding, but I had been calling out loudly, “Where is Jonathan?  Where could he be?  I don’t … Continue reading

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