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Laying It on the Line

At last count, Churchyard Chick Goes Free Range had garnered 3,999 views.  Perhaps your click was number 4,000!  Thank you for choosing to spend a few moments of your time with me today. I have no clue how that number ranks … Continue reading

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One Too Many Shrooms

The sky-gazer who saw silver linings in ALL the clouds — I wonder if that chick had had one too many shrooms in her tea. It had to be a chick because roosters generally don’t take that much time to ponder clouds.  They spend … Continue reading

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A New World

Columbus Day was celebrated yesterday, thanks to the wisdom of those who instituted the idea of the “Monday holiday”.    However, the “real” Columbus Day is October 12th, a day I have never celebrated with a party or special dinner.   I have simply remembered … Continue reading

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What If Road

I took a wrong turn yesterday and ended up on What If Road. In spite of the fact that I had made this exact same mistake before, I found myself lost again.  Unfortunately, I had forgotten my GPS, so I … Continue reading

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No Whyning Zone

About a month ago I had an appointment and was driving there quite early in the morning .  Since I had God as a captive audience in my car, I decided to use this opportunity to question Him.  The “conversation” in … Continue reading

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Where Is God on Monday?

On Sunday a man sits in his place at his church, places his offering in the plate and bows his head to pray as others do the same.  He stands and sings, “Praise God from Whom all blessings flow.” On … Continue reading

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