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Monday’s Cross

On Easter Sunday, this was the cross I saw: The very next day, the cross looked like this: Wow!  What a downer, right?  The cross, stripped of its glorious Easter finery?  Just standing there . . . bare . . … Continue reading

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Saturday’s Silence

On Saturday the chief priests and Pharisees were worried.  They went to Pilate for help in securing Jesus’ tomb, and he accommodated them.  They went to the tomb, put a seal on it, and posted Roman soldiers to guard it.  … Continue reading

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Things You Need to Know

Not everyone will like you, Or even think you’re great. The world will not reward you For simply cleaning your plate. You won’t agree with all of them, So they won’t have your back. And when you sometimes fall for … Continue reading

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Lily’s Easter

“Hi there, little Lily,” said the Man with the kind eyes and gentle voice. “Hello, Sir,” said Lily. “What would you like as an Easter gift?” he asked. She had not expected anything for Easter, so she thought for a … Continue reading

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Praise or Flattery?

“God, you are so good,” I said.  I continued, “You are so caring and loving and wise.”  I stopped.  I decided to just let that sink in today and not continue rattling on, for once. At first there was stunned … Continue reading

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