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Home Day Corps

Home Day Corps.  The faint of heart need not apply. “Screw YOU, Mr. Phillips!”  I thought.  I had not actually said it, so no one heard me cursing a screwdriver, thankfully.  That was not nice at all.  In fact, I retracted it … Continue reading

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Who Is Duncan Phyfe and What’s He Doing in My Living Room?

This morning I saw a Duncan Phyfe drop-leaf table sitting in a driveway down the street!  OMG!  What the heck?  What are their intentions in regard to that piece of furniture?  It was not by the curb, so perhaps they … Continue reading

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The Frumpy One

What first caught my eye was the ponytail.  I saw it swinging to and fro behind the face of the fast-walking brunette headed toward me on the wrong side of the street.  As she approached, I could see that she … Continue reading

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A Purse! A Purse! My Queendom for a Purse!

What IS there about a purse?  Sometimes I wonder:  if I were down to my last ten dollars, would I spend it on a purse?!  Hopefully I would have better judgment, but there was an “incident” last week that gave … Continue reading

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